Well it could happen, while driving fast on the road you feel it is decelerating and your steering wheel gets harder and harder and your brakes don’t work. It’s a heart-pounding and scary monument when your engine dies in the middle of the road. It could only be described as a hazardous nightmare.

Engine Dies for many reasons:

Fuel system: 

An empty fuel tank will surely cause the vehicle to die while driving, yet sometimes you may have a full fuel tank and your vehicle dies because of the fuel system. A blocked fuel filter,  blocked fuel line or a faulty fuel pump faulty, bad fuel injector, or a bad fuel pressure regulator may not allow the fuel to reach the engine thus causing an engine to stall.

Battery fault: 

Well, it’s rare that your battery dies while driving, usually, it dies while parking and the vehicle won’t turn on. But still, it happens, when the alternator/charging system dies, a short circuit happens or you may have loose battery cables. 

Sensors fault:

 Modern vehicles nowadays are full of sensors, in fact, there is a sensor for almost every part of the vehicle. Sometimes one of these sensors could give wrong information and shut the vehicle while driving. 

Timing belt fault: 

Sometimes the timing belt may slip while driving, although you may not be aware of its importance or even existence in your vehicle until your vehicle suddenly stops while driving, but let us tell you that the timing belt is one of the most important parts of your entire engine. 

If your timing belt slipped slightly and was not broken you would be lucky, because if it were broken it may cause huge damage with an estimated fixing value of about 1500$. 

Ignition system fault

The ignition system is critical to keep your engine running smoothly. If any of its components have some fault like a faulty ignition coil or a  spark plug wire set, then your engine will shut down. 

Tire fault

While driving you may experience a tire blowout. Although your vehicle may not totally stale, don’t keep driving. Driving with a blowout tire or a flat tire will damage your brake rotors and even affect your steering wheel system. Check out our  previous blog Flat tire? We will get to you in 20 min or less.

Remember Some technical and mechanical  issues while driving may be prevented by regular maintenance and inspection. Check out our previous blog Vehicle Winter  checklist.

What to do if I experienced a sudden engine stalling or a vehicle turning off while driving?

First, don’t panic. An afraid man can do nothing!!!!. First, gradually pull aside the road, don’t use your brakes to stop the vehicle. Turn on your flasher lights and be prepared with your emergency car kit Check out our previous blog What Should I Keep in My Car . And call for help  905 781 5544 anywhere in Ontario Contact  Dixieone Towing and request Roadside Assistance. Their expert and reliable team will provide roadside assistance to you rapidly for the best price in the GTA. As a leading tow truck company, they offer all-inclusive roadside assistance in Ontario for a good price. Whether you need a jump start, fuel delivery, lockout assistance, or just any other road assistance, Dixieone Towing is available for all your requests. Call them and request the best road assistance in Brampton, ON.

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