As the winter rolls on, driving through stormy nights or snowy slippery roads could be a challenging task, especially  if you live in Brampton, ON. 

Rain, fog, snow, ice, high winds and sleet; these all can put the driver in jeopardy. What saves the driver from an internecine accident are; the preventive periodic vehicle maintenance, the good driving skills and the driver’s common sense and preventive preparation.

We at Dixieone Towing have prepared a winter essential car checklist to prepare you and your vehicle for winter driving.

Pre-winter vehicle maintenance

if you hear unusual sounds from your vehicle or have any doubts of your car performance; it’s a must to schedule a vehicle inspection. Vehicle maintenance is not only related in the winter season, it’s a must since it could save you from bigger damage or unfortunate incidents. Rectifying improper vehicle performance from the beginning  is cheaper than waiting for the vehicle to collapse.


worn out  tires could be a reason for an out of control vehicle. Read our flat tire blog in case you have any issues in the future. Remember that tires are the only part of the vehicle that contacts the slippery road, and if they are not in good condition,  you may easily lose control of the steering. Moreover, once the temperature goes below 0 C the air will go down, thus the tires will deflate. You need to check the pressure on a weekly basis.  Plus, if you live in a heavy snow city you should consider changing your all-season tires to winter duty tires.

Winter Vehicle Checklist - Vehicle & Road Safety Brampton ON

Vehicle safety inspection list:

  1. Check your vehicle’s fluids: use antifreeze, you don’t want to end with frozen or cracked engine block and frozen wipers blades. 
  2. Check your wipers: heavy rain could put you in a blind spot in the middle of a highway. You may consider changing your old wiper blade to a rubber blade which would wipe better snow or sleet. 
  3. Check your battery performance: during freezing times, a higher voltage to start the engine is required. 
  4. Check your brakes: be sure you have equal braking, uneven braking increases the chances of a flipping car or hitting a tree.
  5. Check your exhaust system: a leaking or blocked exhaust system could cause carbon dioxide poisoning. 
  6. Check your lights: it’s important during foggy nights or rainy days to have a clear vision.
  7. Check oil: when the temperature goes down the conventional oil won’t get into the required thickness, switching to synthetic oil is the best option for Keeping vehicle lubricants working smoothly.

If you need a vehicle safety inspection from experts, Reliance Auto Mechanic is the best of the best. You may check their website:

Winter driving common sense:

  1. Be Sure that you’re well adapted for slippery roads, and have the skills and  you can maintain proper control of your vehicle.
  2. Be sure to fill your fuel tank. 
  3. Give your vehicle enough time to be on the road, heating the engine is so important, but be careful not to heat the engine in a closed garage.  
  4. Plan your trip well: make sure you know all the roads and have a map, plus it’s essential to know the estimated time for your  arrival destination.
  5. Keep your vehicle ventalaid, although it’s freezing outside, don’t close your window to the end. keep them slightly open. 
  6. Put together an emergency kit to carry in your car.

Caution on and off the road

Don’t panic: if it happens and you are stuck in the snow, because of a flat tire, dead battery or any other unfortunate reason just call us at 905 781 5544 . Our powerful vehicles and licensed drivers at Dixieone Towing will provide an affordable towing service to you anywhere in Ontario. If you are looking for a tow truck at the time of an accident, our company is definitely your best choice. We will arrive in less than 10 min.

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