Any driver on the road may experience a flat tire once or twice in their lifetime. A flat tire may feel like your vehicle is sinking. This may happen at the worst time and place, like late at night in a bad weather or remote area. These circumstances may jeopardize the lives of the driver and passengers and sometimes the other passing cars on the same road, never to mention it may seriously damage your vehicle.

A blowout may happen for a lot of reasons; a puncture by sharp object like nails, damage to the valve stem or bead leaks, a worn out and old tire, over pumped tires, uneven even road may be a serious hazard, and sometimes vandalism. However, some damages might be unexpected and you may never know what went wrong. According to an estimate, about 220 million flat tires occur every year.

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Yet there is some precautionary routine you may do to prevent this misfortune. The most valuable advice is to drive safely and carefully to avoid unexpected road hazards, such as sudden potholes and uneven roads. Avoid construction zones where nails, metal pieces, rocks and many other unavoidable sharp objects may puncture the tires.  We at Dixieone Towing advise you to check on the pressure of all your tires at least once a month, underinflated may cause both fuel inefficiency and the tires may puncture more easily too. Give your tires a regular checkup every 8000 KM, this will reduce the potential risk of sudden flat tires. Don’t wait till your tires are already in terrible shape, change them as soon as they get bad enough. Most tires can last up to 100,000 KM, after that it’s wise to replace them.  Last advice is never to overload your tires pressure; heavier load may cause a tire blowout.

Unfortunately, you might still experience a flat tire although you took all precautionary steps by the book. Now you may be stuck in the middle of nowhere, what to do? 

First; never slam the brakes, allow the vehicle to slow down naturally, while steering safely to the roadside, slamming the brakes suddenly may cause vehicle deviation. Don’t forget to turn on the hazard lights. Remember never to drive a flat tire, most of the tires are designed to keep on for 80 KM only after a blowout. A flat tire may cause more damage to your vehicle than you may think. It may affect the steering system, wheel damage, brake damage and many other mechanical faults. Never to mention a flat tire definitely will decrease the accuracy of your steering handling and controlling which is a surefire putting you and passengers accompanying you, and other passing cars also in a serious danger. Second; is to keep a run flat tire kit always in the back or your car truck. Practice and train yourself to change them, it’s a necessary talent for every driver.

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It happens sometimes that your run flat tire kit is not always available or you may face some difficulties in changing a flat tire on your own, so what to do?

Don’t hesitate to Call Dixieone Towing for road assistance. When you have a flat tire, we will get to you in 20 min or less, whatever the weather is rain or shine, and tow you to the nearest complete auto care and fix your flat tire or replace it, if it can’t be repaired.  We cover you anytime and anywhere 24/7, and make it easy to go back to the road safe and fast. we are the nearest to you.

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