Planning for a long road trip? Accidents may happen! Safety driving depends on a good driver’s preventive preparation, good vehicle performance, and the driver’s common sense and driving skills. 

But no matter how well you were prepared, let’s face it, bad incidents happen. You never know when your car suddenly breaks down, plus sometimes help could be late. So keeping a roadside emergency car kit is a smart idea.

What Should You Keep in Your Car Kit?

What Should I Keep in My Car? Roadside Emergency Car Kit Brampton ON

Flashlight and extra batteries:

You never know when your car suddenly breaks down in the middle of the night on a dark road. 

First Aid:

keeping a first aid kit, in your house, car, office is always a smart idea you never know when you need it. Check your first aid every six months for missing and expired items. 

Car phone charger, extra cable, and power bank:

There is nothing worse than being out of any means of communication and unable to call for help. keep all your important numbers on your phone such as emergency, family, insurance, and a reliable towing company. Dixieone Towing 24/7 Roadside Assistance In Brampton, ON call for 905 781 5544.

Warm clothes:

This could be life-saving if you are stuck in the middle of a snowstorm. A rain poncho would be helpful and a blanket to keep you warm. 

Reflective vest:

You may want to get out of the car to check your engine, grab some food or water from the car trunk or walk to get help.

Waterproof fire matches:

Making a fire is a survival skill, you never know when you need it. 

Water and food:

Sometimes due to bad weather conditions, help may be late. Always keep energy bars, nuts, hard candy, dried fruits, and drinking water. 

Compass and map:

Sometimes your GPS or phone might not work probably or you are out of signal.

Jumper cable and car battery charger:

Sometimes batteries don’t give you any sign before they totally die. Jumper cable can supply power from another car battery or car battery charger. This will give a boost to reach for the nearest mechanic.

Flare torch and a whistle:

These could be useful if you want to attract attention. 

Tire kit:

A spare tire and tire repair kit with air and compressor are a must. Practice and train yourself to change a flat tire, it’s a necessary talent for every driver. You may also read Flat tire? We will get to you in 20 min or less. 

Duct tape:

In case your car overheats a duct tape might be helpful for temporary repair and any leaks. 

Fire extinguisher:

it will help you keep small fires from becoming unmanageable while waiting for the firetruck. 


If you live in Brampton, ON, then you know how snow could be heavy and an obstruction. Sand and salt would be helpful in case your vehicle was stuck in the snow.  You may also read Winter Vehicle Checklist.

If you have broken down and need more extra help anywhere in Ontario Contact Dixieone Towing and request Roadside Assistance. Their expert and reliable team will provide roadside assistance to you rapidly for the best price in the GTA.

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